The Rookery site is named after the fact that it is a popular roosting spot for rooks & crows nesting amongst the several large Scots Pine trees growing in and around the site.

The site is situated on a hill plateau above the main campfire circle.  It is also close to some of the on-site activities (crate climbing & the abseiling/climbing tower).

The site is split into 3 separate bookable plots (R1 holds approx 20-30 people, R2 can hold around 50-60 people and R3 is a smaller site for 10-20 people).

The site is relatively self-contained and is ideal for individual Troop/Explorer Unit or Scout Network camps.

Warning - this is not a site for those campers wishing to have a lie-in in a morning!


Area: R1
Capacity: 20-30

Area: R2
Capacity: 50-60

Area: R3
Capacity: 10-20

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