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Templars Park News Bulletin

28th January 2018

Templars Park News Bulletin

Templars' Park News Updates.


  • Wardens

The wardens will now be on site most weekends during the summer and autumn. If no-one is available or unable to be found on site, please contact them using the number available at the reception noticeboard.


  • Waste Disposal and Recycling

All waste is the Users responsibility and should always be bagged and placed in the 2 red large bins by the main gate. Recyclables (plastics, paper and cans) should be placed in clear plastic bags in the green large bin also by the main gate. There is a limited recycling bin area by the George Smith Centre for personal disposal of litter.

If groups are carrying out large projects which generate a lot of rubbish, we would expect them to take home much of their waste. Also, we do not have the facilities for recycling glass, and ask that it is also removed from site.

Leave No Trace.


  • Environmental Issues

We have a continual programme of removing nettles, thistles, ragwort and other noxious weeds from site and ask for the help of all campers with this too.

We have a specific project set up with an environmental agency in regards to the removal of skunk cabbage, which is located below the sand dune area.


  • Car Parking

Visitors on site should always park and drop off/pick up in the top (field) car park when it's open on busy weekends. The track to the bottom car park can get very congested and should only be used for vehicles dropping off and picking up heavy equipment and those required for emergencies.


  • Activities

The activities on offer are all provided by our small group of volunteer instructors when they can make themselves available. 

Regrettably, we can't always guarantee these instructors will be available for every booking, and on occasions, some sessions could be cancelled at short notice.






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