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Templars Park News


Templars' Park News


Currently we are replacing the old mature trees which have become rotten; we have a continual programme of tree planting to replace those that are removed.

Over the past 12 months we have acquired the use of a digger and road roller that are now stationed on site. The work is ongoing and we hope to eventually result in safer roads with far fewer potholes.

We have bought a new Marquee, we hope to use this on site and it is available for hire.

The wardens are on site most weekends. If no-one is available or unable to be found on site please contact them using the number available at the reception desk.

All rubbish should be bagged and placed in the red skips by the main gate. Recyclables (plastics, paper and cans) should be placed in clear plastic bags in the bins by the George Smith Centre. If sections are carrying out large projects which generate a lot of waste we hope you take some of the rubbish away back home with you. We do not have the facilities for recycling glass, and ask that it is also removed from site.

We have a continual programme of removing nettles, thistles, ragwort and other noxious weeds from site and ask for the help of all campers with this too.

We have a specific project set up with an environmental agency in regards to the removal of skunk cabbage, which is located near the sand dune area.

Visitors on site should save themselves the considerable grief by parking in the top car park. The track to the bottom car park can get very congested and should only be used for those that are planning on a long stay.

The activities on offer are all provided by our volunteer instructors when they are available. The new Crate Climbing frame is in the process of being erected. 

Some of the Adventure Course requires maintenance and will be completed when the labour becomes available.

We at Templars' Park allow access on site at specific times to unload heavy gear, but safety of site users is always of paramount importance and we have some regard for the appearance of the park which can be spoiled by allowing unrestricted access of vehicles.

We would like to reiterate that our terms and conditions state that vehicles that are on site are to be operated by the wardens, who apply the rules in every ones best interests.

Trolleys are available to transport personal gear and the transport of small items of equipment by car is not allowed.


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